Cobra commander: new Elite: Dangerous images

Elite: Dangerous

As well as taking a punt on the stock exchange, Frontier Developments is still busy doing what they were Kickstarted to do; namely, developing Elite: Dangerous. Four new work-in-progress (but apparently in-engine) images have been released, depicting a pair of ships doing an attack run through what appears to be some sort of transporter or stationary space architecture.

My Elite ship identification skills are rather rusty, but I’d guess those are either Cobra Mk III’s or Boa II’s … or maybe something new. It’s hard to tell when they’re looking like more than simple wire frames. If you’re wondering about the lack of anti-aliasing on these screens, producer Michael Brookes claims it’s not implemented just yet: “There’s no AA yet. One of many improvements to come.” The explosions look a touch placeholder-ey as well.

Take a look for yourselves, below (click for larger.)

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