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Coffee Talk Episode 2 will serve up a cup of caffeine and comfort this April

Nothing like a cup of coffee to lift your spirits.

Just today, developer Toge Productions and publisher Chorus Worldwide unveiled an April 20 release date for Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & ButterflyThis release date announcement came alongside a brand new one-minute trailer featuring more of the soothing lo-fi vibes that attracted fans to the original Coffee Talk.

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Additionally, the companies revealed that both Coffee Talk episodes will receive their own physical and collector’s editions featuring extra goodies for players who want them. You can expect to see these special editions sometime during the fall.

What is Coffee Talk Episode 2 about?

According to Chorus Worldwide’s website, Coffee Talk Episode 2 will have players serving as a barista and talking to an eclectic cast of customers once again. Although many of these customers come in the form of non-human fantasy characters, they often have problems that can only be described as human. As you hear their stories, you can prepare the ideal coffee drink using a variety of ingredients, including tea, mint, ginger, and chocolate. The game even allows you to make your own latte art using the game’s “fluid simulation” to express your creativity.

By preparing the right drinks for the right customers, you may end up touching their hearts and improving their lives, if even just by a little bit. Some of the characters you can meet during your shifts include Riona, a banshee striving to become an opera singer, and Baileys, an elf who specializes in freelance graphic design. While connecting with these characters, you can listen to a variety of soothing lo-fi tracks to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

If interested, you can buy Coffee Talk Episode 2 on its own once that April release date arrives, but waiting for the physical and collectors’ editions can net you an 11-sticker sheet, a wooden charm depicting Riona, a soundtrack download card themed after a coffee cup, and other fun extras. Those looking to find out more about these editions can do so on the official Chorus Worldwide website.

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