Cole MacGrath goes evil, joins PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [Video]

Can we all just agree to call PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ‘PABR’? It would make life so much easier. So, the latest PABR news concerns a certain Mr. Cole MacGrath of Infamous … er … fame. It looks like he’s gone a bit, well, evil.

I mean, look at how he’s behaving in the trailer below. Electrocuting PaRappa the Rappa? What kind of monster would do that?

Yep, Cole’s ‘evil’ path has been added to the PABR roster. Electro-powers and all. Everyone else should pack some rubber garments and hope for the best.

PABR will be released on PS3 and Vita on 21 November.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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