Dead Space 3 dev team edition

The only recorded instance of something proliferating through the universe faster than the Necromorph menace is the exponential growth of pre-order ‘limited edition’ videogame bundles, stuffed with collectible goodies. Today, EA has announced a ‘Dev Team’ edition of Dead Space 3, which includes all manner of thematically appropriate extras.

For clarity, the ‘Dev Team’ edition that comes with the game (for $160 USD) is only available in North America. However, if you live elsewhere (or if you’re in the US but already ordered the game) you can get everything but the game for $100 USD. Yes, that’s right, pre-order bundles have evolved so far that you don’t even have to buy the actual game with them any more.

Anyway, in the set you get: an 8″ marker statue, aluminum data pad, med pack water bottle, bound jotter, posters, postcards and a 96 page mini art book. You can see these things in more detail by going to EA’s dedicated page for the ‘Dev Team’ edition, here.

To see some of the things listed in motion, watch the video below. Dead Space 3 is out in February.

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