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A picture of me, launching an attack on the concept of DLC that’s only free to people who pre-ordered a game.

Company of Heroes 2 producer Greg Wilson has penned another letter to the community, divulging a little more information about what’s coming up for the game. According to Wilson, the team is “prepping” the first version of a map editor (known as World Builder) for release. There’s no precise date given for that yet, but he does confirm that this will be free for everyone who owns the game.

Also on the way is more Theater of War missions. A German-focused “mini-pack” of missions will cover events from 1942. Unlike the map editor, this pack will only be free for those people who pre-ordered, or who have the collectors (or digital collectors) editions. If you just have a standard version of Company of Heroes 2, you’ll be expected to pay for it. Which is a bit shocking really (but, sadly, not surprising.) The price for that is not included in Wilson’s message.

In addition, Relic will be patching the original Company of Heroes in order to “address many issues that arose from the original port” (presumably he means the port to Steam, there.) Wilson adds that the server work being done on the first CoH will also carry over to CoH2 in the near future.

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