Derek Yu’s Spelunky, described by our very own Tim McDonald as “side-on, randomly-generated, permadeath, Roguelike platforming” and “a superb example of just-one-more-go gaming,” will be reappearing on PC in HD form from 8 August. As well as redone graphics, new areas, new enemies, extra multiplayer bits and all the rest of the shiny offerings a decent update should bring, the developers are adding a competitive daily challenge.

It’s simple stuff. Every day, an adventure is generated that will be the same for all players. You get one go at it. Not two. Just one. If you die, then that’s it for the day. Each daily challenge will have its own leaderboard to show who progressed the furthest in that particular adventure. Easy! But already sounding addictive as hell.

Prior to the 8 August release, a pair of indie dev YouTubers will be streaming daily challenge attempts for your entertainment and delight. They are Douglas Wilson (J.S. Joust) and Zach Gage (SpellTower, Ridiculous Fishing,) who apparently came up with this whole daily Spelunky challenge idea in the first place. You’ll be able to watch some streaming (and probably archived too) Spelunky on their respective channels from 28 July onwards.

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