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Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles video shows off buildings and giant snakes

Funcom’s survival-themed Conan Exiles title will, naturally, be featuring some modular building; as demonstrated in this new trailer. It looks like it’s going for an ethereal tile-placement type approach.

You’ll need to build a base or settlement of some sort if you’re planning to keep yourself safe in Conan’s rather hostile world, and it’ll help to build an altar. These can provide you with a mighty avatar of your religion (a Greek Titan like fellow and giant snake are shown in the video), to help keep your enemies at bay.

Individual players can also attack buildings in Conan Exiles, which looks rather amusing in the trailer. A pair of guys batter through a wall with some maces, and, in another clip, a lone arrow (presumably aimed at explosives) destroys an entire tower.

The game will be in Early Access on PC at the end of this month. 31 January, to be precise.