Weekly Pc Game Releases Etherborn, Warlocks 2, Night Call

Content Drop: Night Call, Etherborn, Warlocks 2, and FIA

From Uber driver to murder-solver.

Our weekly PC game releases feature now goes by a new name, moving forward: Content Drop. With a slew of games and expansions coming out every week, you might as well consider these as content drops for the hobby we all enjoy. This week’s releases, er, content drops, are Night Call, Warlocks 2, Etherborn, and FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

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For the other games that’ll be coming out this July 2019, check out the monthly listing here. As for the rest of the games launching this year and beyond, you can view our updated release dates list.

Night Call

Content Drop - Weekly Pc Game Releases Night Call

  • Release Date: July 17
  • Developer: Monkey Moon, Black Muffin
  • Publisher: Raw Fury
  • Store: Steam

A serial killer is on the loose. You were an intended victim, left for dead one night in the streets of Paris. After surviving an attempt on your life, you go back to doing what you do best — driving a cab and getting people to talk. That’s the experience that Night Call aims to provide, a narrative-driven game inspired with a touch of neo-noir design.

As a cab driver working the night shift, you’ll meet dozens of passengers. Some are talkative and others keep mum. You’ll have to choose your responses carefully in order to get some of them to open up. Who knows, some of them might eventually give clues that’d lead you to discover the real killer.


Content Drop - Weekly Pc Game Releases Etherborn

  • Developer: Altered Matter
  • Publisher: Altered Matter
  • Release Date: July 18
  • Store: Steam

In Etherborn, your character may be humanoid in form, you are but a voiceless entity in a world that defies logic. That’s all because of gravity.

Every level is designed with your relative position in mind, and you experience gravity perpendicular to the surface that you’re on. Moving around each level would mean the levels themselves twisting and shifting given your relative position. This offers new tricks and trials as you solve each puzzle.

Other Games This Week

Weekly Pc Game Releases Warlocks 2

Warlocks 2: God Slayers (July 18) – Warlocks 2: God Slayers is a retro art-inspired hack-and-slash adventure which features co-op for up to four players. You can find it on Steam.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship (July 18) – Race against competitors in your own 5-tonne, 1,000-horsepower truck. You can find it on Steam.

Next Week

Next week’s Content Drop go guns blazing with Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. We’ll also see the PC launch of Beyond: Two Souls. Likewise, we’ll see the releases of Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus – Heretek, Automachef, and even a Kill la Kill video game. We’ll see you then.

Release dates are for North America.

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