Counter-Strike Creator On New Shooter

The co-creator of Counter-Strike has unveiled his new shooter, Tactical Intervention.Former Valve man Minh Le left the company due to the pressures of creating a Counter-Strike sequel and began his own project soon afterwards. After a brief spell in Vancouver, Minh moved to South Korea in April 2008 where he secured investment allowing him to hire another programmer and part time staff.Only a year later and Tactical Intervention is almost finished and it sounds as if Minh sees TI as an opportunity to include all the features he was not allowed to add to Counter-Strike.”I enjoyed Counter-Strike, but I wanted to have my own game,” he told IGN.“I was never able to put in all the cool features I wanted because the people who played Counter-Strike would [complain] about all the changes. They liked the game as it is.” While essentially another agents vs. terrorists scenario, Tactical Intervention will be faster-paced than CS and will also include civilians (who react to the chaos erupting around them) and attack dogs.”I just want to make a game that’s a lot of fun for people to play; something that’s not complicated.”

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