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Creative Assembly has enjoyed success with the Total War: Warhammer series but fans might be hankering for a return to the historical games. Creative Assembly says that we’ll be hearing more about these soon, and talking to their history project directors Maya Georgieva, Jack Lusted, and Janos Gaspar, they share some information on where they are going with future releases.

CA says they are working on a campaign expansion for one of their older games which will be “the biggest historical one CA’s done”. Work on this has update started a year ago and it’s already being tested. This will be their next Total War announcement and the game it’s being created for will also receive a free update to the core game

“Yes, and the first time we’ve gone back to a game so long after release. That in itself is very new territory and something we’re keen to explore as a studio, because it opens up lots of exciting future projects if it’s successful”, said Maya Georgieva, “There’s a lot of people still playing this particular game, but there’s also lot more we haven’t even touched in that era yet, some really incredible stories and events that defined history.”

CA’s Total War Saga game is expected to be announced “relatively soon” according to Jack Lusted. “It’s a new game in that it’s substantial and stand-alone sure, but it’s like Fall of the Samurai following-on from Shogun 2. We’re taking the base from a previous game, overhauling it and adding new content, but not reinventing the wheel. It’s an extension or magnification of the previous game’s time period, so of course there’s some cross over. And that allows us to add even more new content. Fall of the Samurai is a great example really.”

While we don’t know when and where the next historical game will be set, Janos Gaspar is under no illusion that fans will be waiting for something special adding, “Expectation is high, but so is the excitement amongst the team here. A brand new era brings a completely different look and feel to this Total War game.”

The new historical game is still some way off according to Gaspar, they are currently working on mocap and he thinks fans will be impressed. They are taking a more ambitious approach with mocap for the new game. What fans will be wanting to know is which era the new game is set in.

“There are plenty of eras Total War’s not been to yet, so I wouldn’t say that. But sure there’s some more obvious ones we see people excited about, and we’re going to be excited too”, said Gaspar. “But this one, will be brand new, and that means we can explore interesting new concepts while still bringing what makes it ‘Total War’ to the game.”

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