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Creative Assembly have published a short update about the next historical-based Total War title, and reiterated some possible plans for new additions to Rome 2 or Attila. It’s not an announcement of the next game’s era or anything; more of a general “hey historical fans, don’t worry, we haven’t switched entirely to Warhammer games”.

The studio say they are “looking at ways in which we might get back to historical content before we release the next major historical Total War,” be they expansions or standalones relating to the more recent historical titles. Creative Assembly have plenty of teams and sub-teams, so this kind of release (they say) shouldn’t affect the timeline of development for the main historical title.

Specifically, it’s “Jack Lusted and veteran team members from the Rome 2 and Attila teams” who are looking into what sort of thing they could be doing with the existing historical games.

Production of the next major historical title is said to now be “well underway” with game design locked and asset creation fully on the go. The actual era for this title is still being kept as a mystery, so there’s little to go on beyond a “strong visual design” and word that a pre-eminent historical advisor is on board for the project. As stated previously, this title will cover an era of history that Creative Assembly have not previously tackled. Time to start searching those academic LinkedIn profiles for any stray mentions of Total War.

As with prior recent releases, this upcoming title is said to have a “strong focus on character design” and an early priority is apparently the “key personalities of the period”. No major surprises there.

That’s about the extent of the detail given in this latest post. There’s also sporadically updated ‘What the teams are working on’ post in the official Total War forums that can be useful for getting an idea of the latest divisions of labour at the studio.

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