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The AI is no longer conspiring with that elephant to get himself killed. Probably.

You can always rely on Crusader Kings II to provide a hilarious patch note or two. In this release of update 2.1.2, we have “No longer possible for AI to plot to assassinate self (unless they are a lunatic).” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love the game so much. I’m now imagining a medieval mother shouting up the stairs to her idiot son, “Henry? HENRY! Are you scheming to have yourself assassinated again?”

This patch should also fix a few of the problems introduced by the Rajas of India expansion. The change log notes that “Spouse no longer likes you less if you have a different caste” (although that one kind of sounds like it made some sense in certain situations,) and “Celibate characters should no longer be worried about their conjugal lovelife.” Indeed.

The full set of patch notes for Crusader Kings II version 2.1.2 can be read below. There are more amusing bug fixes than I know what to do with, really.

– Memory optimizations (graphics DLCs)

– Fixed a bug where allies could be called into certain Major Revolts by attackers, resulting in some erroneous vassalizations at the end of the war.
– Temporary titles no longer increase the multiplier for Decadence gain if they are the character’s highest tier title.
– Hunts and Fairs should now be more interesting.
– Hunts and Fairs should no longer give you bundles of events on the same day.
– Hunts and Fairs should now almost always fire at least one event.
– Tournaments will now end properly after all winners are chosen.
– Fixed a bug where an adventure would declare war ahead of time.
– Asking to join a crusade is no longer limited by the distance to the religious head.
– Arrange Marriage no longer shows people with a different caste if you’re Hindu.
– Now possible to search for trait names and last names in character finder.
– Spouse no longer likes you less if you have a different caste.
– Fixed a bug where decadence would be incorrectly reset when resigning.
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t grant county titles to Hindus even if they would have their barony become the primary holding in that province.
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t grant lower titles of the incorrect type.
– Fixed a bug where you could designate dead heirs.
– Ruler designer costs improved for balance.
– Fixed a bug where commanders could be offered marriages which they would accept.
– Fixed a bug where the pope would be listed as your best candidate.
– Fixed a bug where the guardian would its wards far away with them.
– Fixed a bug where characters of special interest would be cleared upon inheritance.
– The Robin Hood event series should no longer fire more than once per campaign.
– Fixed some issues with the Aztec invasion.
– Made Buddhist ambitions easier to fulfill.
– Added religion triggers for certain nicknames.
– Fixed a number of minor text bugs.
– Celibate characters should no longer be worried about their conjugal lovelife.
– Added/changed some trait-based opinion modifiers.
– Made Mount Athos an Orthodox holy site instead of Piraeus.
– Bogomilist women can now be appointed as court chaplains.
– Homosexual characters can now have the “get married” ambition again.
– Tweaked various factors affecting whether AI chooses the “get married” ambition.
– Fixed a bug with the decadence “straighten up” action.
– Fixed a bug where characters sacrificed to Kali would mysteriously survive.
– Blocked some ambitions for court gurus.
– Fixed a bug that gave Indian provinces way too much revolt risk from certain events.
– Fixed an issue with the timing of events at Indian feasts.
– Fixed an error with flag clearing at Furusiyya and Epic Tournaments.
– Fixed several event triggers that failed to correctly check a character’s location.
– Applying history backwards was working incorrectly.
– Fixed a bug where you wasn’t able to reform pagan.
– Fixed a bug with the allow_laws console command
– Now allowed to arrange marriages regardless of diplomatic range if you have a courtier who is betrothed to someone in the target’s court
– The Messalian heresy now has access to Absolute Cognatic Succession
– Now allowed to assign a leader to a flank without one regardless of crown authority
– Fixed a bug with lover event 64065
– Fixed a bug with the vassal king opinion penalty being applied multiple times
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t arrange marriages as a child.
– No longer costs any piety to banish if one has a valid reason.
– Banishment description shows the cost to banish.
– Games already in progress no longer show up on the server list.
– Ransom interaction no longer distance limited.
– Fixed some issues with the Samrat Chakravartin decision. It should now be much more attractive for the player.
– Removed an exploit with muslim schools and tech points.
– Fixed a bug with temporary revolt titles and certain achievements.
– Fixed error in troop amount trigger causing horse archers to get elephant tactics.
– Added missing localization for jungle terrain combat effect tooltip.
– Indian temple corruption and local death cults are now immediately removed if province owner is of a non-Indian religion.
– Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the player from building some holdings.
– Updated so all light cavalry based tactics affect camel cavalry as well
– Fixed invalid patrician trade post cost calculation
– Nestorians can now only appoint landed bishops as Autocephalous Patriarchs (court chaplains)
– Fixed so technology gives bonuses to some special troops
– Improved the logic of bribing people into plots.
– Adapted pilgrim events to include Messalian and Paulician heresies.
– Fixed a bug where the usurp button for kingdoms usurped vassals as well

– Will only ask vassals or below to “Straighten up”
– No longer possible for AI to plot to assassinate self (unless they are a lunatic)
– AI can now start Claimant factions again

– Holy Warrior has a better effect description.
– Fixed a case where righteous imprisonment alert was shown even though imprisonment wasn’t available.
– Piety name fixed in ledger.
– Piety name fixed in religion view.
– Piety name fixed in law view for Muslims.
– Piety name in casus belli selection for declare war diplomacy.
– Piety name in score description fixed
– Piety name in end of combat/battle dialog fixed.
– Cursor offsets for character finder.
– Autosave to cloud no longer open main menu upon completion.
– Find province window updated.
– Character selection could show a wrong CoA for lowborn.
– Piety name fixed in execute interaction.
– Clients no longer show “waiting for server id”
– Ransom button in intrigue view disabled when the employer can’t/won’t ransom the person.
– Fixed invalid text shown for special troops in commander traits
– Fixed moral authority tooltip for indian religions.
– Fixed upside down CoA’s on map for versions using OpenGL
– Added missing top bar extension for Indian republics
– Added missing jungle terrain picture
– Vassal tab shows patricians as patricians now
– Fixed another [Player.Religion.GetPietyName] localization issue

– Renamed cost to ruler_designer_cost for trait age costs.
– ruler_designer_cost now forces the cost instead of applying an offset.
– Added a check for characters holding titles before they were born.
– Error log now alerts for any duplicate landed titles.
– Fixed a bug with the event filter ‘only_independent’ and revolters

– Made a number of changes to starting characters and dynasties, above all in Northern India.
– Ruler of Agen in 987 is now shows as the bishop he is.

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