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Let the multiplayer scheming recommence.

Apparently, the Crusader Kings 2 multiplayer has been a bit dodgy since patch 2.1.2. That’s not great news, but today’s release of patch 2.1.4 should “hopefully” fix that problem. Those aren’t my words, they come from Paradox’s Johan Lerstrom who says “Hopefully fixed the MP for real this time.”

That’s the major fix in this update, although there are a few other minor bug tweaks like “Fixed a bug where you could assimilate into revolt titles.” Not the most amusing bugfix the game has ever had, alas.

Crusader Kings 2 should automatically update with the patch on Steam. Here’s the full changelist:

2014-04-28: v2.1.4

– Fixed broken MP from v2.1.2, for real

– Save games now written to virtual memory before writing them physically to improve stability.
– Some trait cost fixes, all trait costs lowered.
– Can no longer press the create Hungary button multiple times.
– Fixed a bug where spouses were no longer allies.
– Fixed a bug where you could assimilate into revolt titles.
– Fixed a bug where revolting as a patrician could give you the wrong government type.
– Indian holy orders can now fight other indian religions.

– Updated heir description for piety name in dynasty view.
– Updated interaction description for piety name in interaction view.
– Can no longer press the red skulls of people killed by rabble.
– Bug Fix where realm view used to show demesne incomes instead of tax incomes.
– Fixed a bug where marriage notification showed that a character was marrying himself.
– Title and CB selection in diplomatic interactions now gets sorted by CB type and title name.
– Added icons for the Order of Addai.

– spawn_unit matchmul no longer counts in event spawned and mercenery units.
– Added hostile_within_group flag for religion groups which decides if holy orders will fight other religions within the same group.

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