I’d like to extend my personal thanks to everybody involved in Crusader Kings 2 patch 2.3.4, for allowing me to legitimately use the phrase “unborn children of dead popes” in a headline. Well done, everyone.

Specifically, the fix is for unborn children of dead popes … somehow being born anyway and inheriting territory. Which is even stranger.

Crusader Kings 2’s latest update also ensures that “You no longer feel bad for having a romantic relationship with your spouse.” I mean, that might be accurate for bad relationships, but it’s not really how the situation is supposed to work.

Apparently, it “takes much longer to attempt seduction of distant targets” too. Presumably because you’re either having to shout or put on some kind of long-distance display of peacock-ing.

Here’s the full list. Your copy of Crusader Kings 2 should have automatically updated through Steam. Try restarting the client if this is not the case. A lot of these fixes seem to address issues with the fairly recent Way of Life DLC.

– Fixed CTD issue caused by character flags not being saved properly.

– Now unborn children of dead popes no longer inherit a claim on the papacy when they are born.
– You no longer feel bad for having a romantic relationship with your spouse.
– Added console command ‘add_lover’.
– Fixed a problem with delayed events having the exact same random seed as the firing scope.
– Seduction Focus: AI will not try to seduce targets that already have lovers (unless lustful, etc.)
– Seduction Focus: AI seducers less likely to acquire multiple lovers.
– Seduction Focus: Married women and concubines are less likely to fall for seduction if they like their husband better than the seducer (unless lustful, arbitrary, etc.)
– Seduction Focus: Toned down AI seduction attempts of player spouses and concubines even more.
– Seduction Focus: It takes much longer to attempt seduction of distant targets.
– Seduction Focus: More personality checks for married women and consorts.
– Seduction Focus: Added missing “Seduction in the Wild” event (WoL.431.)
– Intrigue Focus: Spying on an adulterer (your spouse, consort or the other party) can now uncover the affair.
– Players can no longer see other lovers of their spouses and concubines in the interface without using the ‘charinfo’ console command.
– Hunting Focus: Fixed a bug with duplicate events fired (from WoL.5066.)
– Fixed bug where only the last character was visible in the end game list of played characters.
– Fixed bug where the AI did not always build buildings.
– Fixed an issue with the trade route chain that could create the trade route for the other party instead.
– Toned down courtier lover creation event (456.)
– Seduction events: Fixed some issues where execution would break incorrectly.
– Fixed the broken ‘remove_claim’ effect when used in CB’s like depose anti-pope.
– Added events to attain the Strategist trait through War focus.

Peter Parrish

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