The next add-on for Crusader Kings 2, Conclave, will be released on 2 February and priced at $15 USD (£11 GBP). This one’s all about expanding how you interact with individuals on your council, giving you broader scope to placate them, but also a longer rope with which to hang yourself.

No longer will you be able to knock off political rivals with a quick trip to the executioner; if the entire council feels this a poor idea, you might have to get a bit more devious. This expansion, Paradox promise, will “bring out the politician, diplomat or tyrant in you”.

Conclave will also add new laws and decrees to Crusader Kings 2. You’ll be able to give your vassals a wider say in matters of war and peace, expand the roles of women within your kingdom, and allow you to rent out soldiers to other regions as mercenaries. Marriage alliances will increase in importance, and there will be new restrictions in place to block rapid over-expansion.

Here are some screenshots of hot, hot diplomacy in action (click for larger versions).


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