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Crusader Kings III deeply emphasizes your connection with your chosen ruler. One of the concepts, previously introduced in the prior game’s Way of Life DLC, even makes its return in a more fleshed-out form. You’ve got Lifestyle focus, skills, and perks to help you with your character’s growth.

Note: For more information, check out our Crusader Kings III guides and features hub as well as our beginner’s guide (the things to do before you unpause).

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Crusader Kings III guide: Lifestyle focus, skills, perks, and education

For this Crusader Kings III guide, I’ve split up the basics of how your characters are educated from childhood until their teenage years. After this stage, once they’re 16 years old, they’re considered adults. This allows them to pick a Lifestyle and Lifestyle focus which, in turn, unlock additional perks and traits.

Click on the page for the particular concept that you need help with:

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