Crusader: No Remorse now free on Origin

Crusader: No Remorse now free on Origin

Crusader: No RemorseAre you old enough to remember Crusader: No Remorse? Sadly we are.

Back in 1995 Origin Systems created a super soldier who wandered around a dystopian 22nd century fighting the evil world government by joining the resistance.

In 1995 the graphics looked great and I do remember enjoying this at the time as isometric games were all the rage. No Remorse  was followed a year later by Crusader: No Regret so it must have done reasonably well at the time.

If you have no idea what the hell this game is, give this a watch and if you like what you see then grab Crusader: No Remorse for free now on Origin as part of their “On the House” specials. Now go hunt down your former employers, and as the game blurb says, “No pity. No mercy. No Remorse.”

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • USMC03Vet


      • Tim McDonald

        Iiii have no idea what you mean by inverted, but some of the more useful controls:

        Arrow keys or the numpad are movement and aiming. Space is shoot. Shift, Alt, and CTRL are modifiers for running, strafing, and crouching/rolling/jumping respectively. S selects items you want to search or use (corpses, boxes, computers, levers, buttons…) and return actually searches them. U uses an inventory item. M fast-uses a medkit.

        Those are the most important controls, though some experimentation should offer bits and pieces for cycling through your weapons and inventory items. Do note that tactics actually help; rolling in and out of cover helps, and you can do some fun tricks like planting a bomb, attracting attention, and then remotely detonating it (with the B key) to clear rooms. Not that this sort of thing is really necessary for the first level, mind. The first level is more about getting used to the slightly odd controls and enjoying the unique death animations for the different ways you can kill enemies.

        Or, alternatively, cheating your arse off and trying out all of the weapons on the harmless civilians in the area. Who aren’t necessarily THAT harmless, so don’t feel too bad about accidentally executing them. No remorse, and all that.

        • USMC03Vet

          Mouse aiming is inverted. Good luck trying to play the game without mouse aiming because Ebola sounds more enjoyable.

          • Tim McDonald

            It has a degree of autoaim, so it’s not really essential. I can’t remember every playing it with the mouse back when it was first released, if only because you pretty much need both hands on the keyboard anyway.

    • David Warschauer

      i loved this game… no remorse … no regret

    • Popcorn_On_Fire

      Thanks for the heads-up, just downloaded it!

    • Tim McDonald

      Crusader: No Remorse is WONDERFUL. At least it was. I haven’t played it for years.