CryEngine 3 SDK hits nearly half a million downloads in a month

Free-to-use engine proving popular across Europe, US and Asia.
Company sales figures show that Crytek’s free-to-use CryEngine 3 SDK is approaching half a million downloads, only one month since launch.
Crytek claims that the engine has been downloaded over 430,000 since it went free in the middle of August. The first week alone saw over 100,000 downloads. Just how many of those people are using it for game related purposes (or at all) is unknown.
The engine is free to use so long as it is not being used for commercial projects, in which instance the user must purchase a license from Crytek.
“It’s great news for us, and it seems like global coverage, not just Europe-heavy,” Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli said in a statement to Develop. “It’s being picked up equally across the US, Europe and Asia.”
Did you know? Crytek have signed on to develop a sequel to THQ’s Homefront.
Source: Develop

Paul Younger

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