Crysis 2 demo hits 360, PC

PC and 360 gamers can get their hands on the multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 from today.  PS3 edition, according to EA, is “coming soon”.
Both versions of the demo feature two game modes, ‘Team Instant Action’ and ‘Crash Site’, and two maps, ‘Skyline’ and ‘Pier 17’.  Following last month’s multiplayer beta, this is the second time that 360 owners have been afforded an opportunity to strut their stuff in Crysis 2’s online arena.  This new demo is the first time PC gamers have gotten the same chance.
PS3 owners find themselves out of the loop once again however and, with the game’s release date fast approaching, time is running out for them to have a chance to get their hands on it prior to it hitting the shelves.
The 1.56 GB PC demo can be downloaded here.

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