Speaking at GDC last week, German developer Crytek has said that it will be revealing a “fantastic” new project for PC and console next month. 
Crytek, most famous for their work on the Crysis series, went on to say that the announcement will revolve around a game that is “the best of that kind of project we’ve ever done.”
“There are so many things I can’t talk about,” said the company’s General Manager of games, Nick Button-Brown. “A big part of our business is big-budget console and PC games. We are doing all these other things, but they’re on top of that and we’re doing them because they’re interesting.
“The other project looks absolutely fantastic – I mean, genuinely the best of that kind of project we’ve ever done. It looks spectacular, the team is doing really, really well and it’s just really nice to see the team really enthusiastic about what they’re doing. They’re really happy.”
At present, we already know that Crytek is working on a sequel to THQ’s flawed shooter Homefront, the iOS/Android Fibble Flick ‘n’ Roll, the Kinect-focused Ryse and free-to-play browser shooter Warface
Remind yourself of Crytek’s work with this Crysis 2 trailer:
Source: CVG

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