Crytek UK staff no longer going to work (Is Deep Silver their only hope?)

Things are getting bad for Crytek UK, as sources are now reporting the staff are no longer going to work.

Lest those with shorter memories have forgotten, Crytek UK is more than an extension of Crytek. These guys were previously known as Free Radical, and were the maker of venerable shooters GoldenEye 64 and TimeSplitters. Crytek UK is made of veteran devs who helped define the console shooter as we know it today.

Sources say the staff, who still haven’t been paid on time, have sent their formal grievances letters, with as much as 100 employees leaving the company. If there’s anything that could salvage the studio, it would be Koch Media, AKA Deep Silver’s intervention. Deep Silver has a vested interest in Crytek UK finishing Homefront: The Revolution. I think it’s safe to assume, given the success of their games, that they have the pockets to pick up Crytek UK as well.

Whatever the final outcome is, we wish the people at Crytek UK the best of luck.

Image is from Homeland.

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