Cult Of The Lamb Followers Guide Recruitment Conversion Traits

Cult of the Lamb, as the name implies, is about growing your flock of devotees as ordered by The One Who Waits. From one meager supporter, you’ll soon gain the trust of countless more. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb followers guide to help you with recruitment and conversion.

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Cult of the Lamb followers guide – Recruitment and conversion

Where to find followers

Your Cult of the Lamb followers can be recruited in a number of ways:

  • Minor bosses, once defeated, will revert into their timid animal forms.
  • Dungeon rooms with a blank human icon tend to have someone who’s trapped. You’ll need to defeat the enemies to free that character.
  • Dungeon rooms with a merchant hut icon, meanwhile, might have a follower that can be purchased.
  • A spider merchant named Helob (sorry, no Hobbits nearby) also sells followers. After encountering her in a dungeon room, you’ll find her again at the right-hand side of your hub’s hostile zone entranceway.
  • A follower may have a quest that requires you to recruit those who are sick. They’ll appear in your camp’s hub.

Follower conversion

Any followers you’ve met along the way will pop up in your camp’s summoning circle. From there, you can change their appearance and view their traits. Generally speaking, some negative traits can be managed, but do watch out for terrible combos. For instance, if a follower loses loyalty whenever a newbie is recruited and when someone gets sick, then there’s a good chance they’ll become a dissenter (more on this in a while).

Once a follower has been indoctrinated in Cult of the Lamb, you can assign actions such as worshipping (i.e., to generate devotion and unlock new construction options), gathering (i.e., wood and stone), refining (i.e., turning basic materials into advanced ones), farming (i.e., planting seeds or watering crops), and building (i.e., helping out with any structure that needs to be finished).

Note: Make sure that you convert new followers first before conducting a sermon. That way, they’ll gain the bonus when you preach. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the next in-game day before another sermon can be done.

Cult Of The Lamb Followers Guide Recruitment Conversion Traits 1

Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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