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Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.

Convert enemies to your side, grow your flock, cultivate your land, sacrifice your minions, and bring down a god. There are a lot of things you can do in Cult of the Lamb, and you’re bound to chuckle at its quirks. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb guides and features hub to help you with various mechanics.

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Cult of the Lamb: Guides hub

Official review – There are a lot of zany things going on in Cult of the Lamb. The gameplay loop will also have you delving deep into dungeons, eliminating foes, creating a livable area, and managing the faith of your followers. Is the whole experience worth your while?

How to recruit and convert followers – You’ll meet a bunch of creatures during your travels. Some are imprisoned, while others are opponents that can be swayed to your side.

How to manage loyalty, dissent, and level-ups – While everyone will think of you as a savior at the start, there might be issues down the road depending on their beliefs.

Cooking guide – Get the right ingredients and make meals for your followers. Some will even have drastic effects.

Farming guide – Farm plots of land and harvest what you need for survival.

Shelters guide – Your followers won’t like it if they sleep on the ground, that’s for sure.

Healing and cleaning guide – Minions can be afflicted by illnesses, whether it’s due to terrible living conditions or the brutal curses of bosses.

Religion: Sacrificing and reviving followers – Your followers might be all to willing to meet their doom, and you can bring them back to life as well.

Religion: Doctrines and Commandment Stones – There are mutually exclusive perks that will affect how you progress further.

Crown upgrades and Heart of a Heretic guide – You can acquire perks and special actions to help you on your journey.

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Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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