Cult of the Possessed wander into Mordheim

Cult of the Possessed wander into Mordheim

The Cult of the Possessed have entered Mordheim: City of the Damned, along with warband management and new mission objectives.

Today marks a large content update for the turn-based Games Workshop tactical RPG. The big addition is the Cult of the Possessed, a Chaos-worshipping warband who live in the city. They’ve got skills like the passive Terror (forcing a leadership test on any unit that enters the threat zone) and Boon of Chaos, capable of buffing the physical, mental, or martial stats of a unit. So: four playable Warbands, now.

Don’t fancy taking the Cult into Mordheim? Well, you can now do some Reserves Management, letting you choose which units head into or out of battle. This allows you to “strategically place units in the heart of battle”, which sounds awfully useful.

Finally, there are new Skirmish mode objectives. Crush their Will is a capture the flag-esque mode which tasks players with stealing the enemy idol while protecting their own, while Wyrdstone Rush tasks players with locating, gathering, and securing the green shards scattered about each map.

The Mordheim update should be live now, and in celebration, the game will be 33% off on Steam from tonight until 6 February. You can see a video detailing all of the new stuff below.

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