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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course adds a fourth island to explore and plenty more bosses to fight. And like the islands of the base game, the DLC includes a couple secrets. Pretty much every island has some kind of hidden path or shortcut, and The Delicious Last Course is no exception. However, the path itself hides one other secret that’ll make your time a bit easier — a secret coin.

Coins are important in Cuphead. You spend them at Porkrind’s shop on a number of weapons and Charms. In the DLC, you get access to new weapons and items. However, unlike the other islands, the DLC has you earn coins via The King’s Leap challenges. Each challenge awards two coins when completed. But even if you finish them all, you may end up one coin short of cleaning out Porkrind of all his wares.


The final coin is found along a secret shortcut or hidden path in The Delicious Last Course. And it happens to be one of video gaming’s greatest tropes.

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The Delicious Last Course — How to find the hidden shortcut and secret coin

You have two choices in finding the hidden shortcut. The first option is to the upper right portion of the island. Once there, look to the left of the mountain climbers, and above Porkrind’s shop. You’ll see a grove of trees. Walking behind it will lead you to the shortcut, which takes you to the bottom part of the island. And wouldn’t you know it? The path takes you behind a waterfall. See? Video game tropes will never truly die.

How to find the secret coin

You may stumble on the coin by complete accident. But in case you don’t, when going up from the graveyard, hold left once you get to a stop. From the grove, keep holding left. The coin is behind Chef Saltbaker’s bakery. Once you have it, you now should have enough money to purchase everything at the shop.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Hidden Path Shortcut Secret Coin 3

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is available now on PC.

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