What do you think about 3D in games? Is it a bold, exciting new avenue or a pointless waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere? Or, perhaps you’d prefer to take the diplomatic approach and say that you don’t like it by not saying you don’t like it. That’s exactly what Dan Houser did when talking to Variety.
“I don’t think anyone has solved the riddle of how you make 3D an integral part of the gaming experience,” Houser said.
Houser’s words come in reference to next year’s release of Max Payne 3 which, despite his cool attitude towards the tech, will likely support 3D on PC. The Rockstar published PC edition of L.A. Noire (released Friday 11 Nov, 2011) supports 3D.
Are we in favour of videogames supporting 3D? Sure, why not. Are we keen on the technology? Not particularly. 
Read our latest preview of Max Payne 3 here.

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