Danganronpa 2 romps onto Steam on 18 April

Danganronpa 2 romps onto Steam on 18 April

Prepare to say goodbye to despair with Danganronpa 2’s Steam edition, which has just been given a release date of 18 April. By way of confirmation, here is the game’s Steam page.

This sequel transports the (surviving, I assume) students of Hope’s Peak Academy to a magical desert island for a, and I quote, “lovey-dovey, heart-throbbing school trip”. Except that rather goes out of the window when the murderous bear Monokuma returns to, well, plant more seeds of murder than a psychopathic Alan Titchmarsh.

If you want to know more about the Danganronpa series in general, then I am the wrong person to ask. Tim McDonald, on the other hand, knows all about it. You can read his impressions of the first game’s PC version over here. I’d imagine the port job on this sequel will be fairly similar.

Here’s a trailer, featuring a quick tour of the Danganronpa 2 cast. I’m fairly sure it doesn’t spoil the first game.

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