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Peter “Durante” Thoman’s GeDoSaTo mod continues to add graphics options to Dark Souls 2 with this Alpha 5 release. GeDoSaTo (General Downsampling Tool,) as its full name suggests, works with other PC titles too, but is still primarily known for the additions it makes to Dark Souls 2.

As well as downsampling (obviously,) prior releases have included mouse cursor fixes and other handy tweaks. Alpha 5 adds new HDR bloom and eye adaption effects, some of which you can see in the example screenshot above. More can be found at the GeDoSaTo download page.

SSAO smoothing and an improved post-processing suite are also included as options in this release.

For the future, Thoman is preparing for a source release and intends to add the following things:

  • Create a plug-in system for game-specific code.
  • Move all DS2 stuff to a DS2 plugin.
  • Add a “generic” plugin which allows postprocessing and SMAA/FXAA on all games supported by GeDoSaTo.

The question of whether using GeDoSaTo with Dark Souls 2 could risk a VAC ban hasn’t yet been officially answered. Namco Bandai’s representative on the Steam forums has this to say on the topic: “No official word yet. As FromSoftware starts to define more and more cheats, we have communicated and detailed the harmless mods that some users have been using. In the end we can’t say for sure, since that is up to the Dark Souls II server team, but we’ll let everyone know what we learn as these conversations progress.”

Anecdotally, I’m not aware of anybody being VAC banned for using GeDoSaTo, but it’s still in the “use with potential risk” category.

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