Dark Souls 2 images with fancier graphics removed from Steam

Dark Souls 2

Should still look pretty nice at the higher resolutions though, to be honest.

Hope is fading for a PC version of Dark Souls 2 that utilises the more impressive textures and lighting shown in earlier builds, video and trade show demos of the game. Namco Bandai has removed all images relating to older versions of the game from the Dark Souls 2 Steam page, leaving only those that resemble the console release.

The console version attracted some controversy when it was released, after promotional materials depicting a graphically superior version of the game were used to sell the title right up until release day. Reportedly, the retail copy of Dark Souls 2 even has some outdated screenshots on the back of the box. This suggests a rather last minute set of changes, most likely to get the game running at acceptable frame-rates on the aging hardware.

FromSoftware has previously indicated that the PC has been the lead development platform for the game this time around, which led some to wonder whether the graphically superior build would survive as the PC version of the game.

However, today’s removal of all images relating to that build from the Steam page would appear to confirm that Dark Souls 2 on PC will have parity with the console releases. We will, of course, still be getting higher resolutions; and the larger installation size for the PC version suggests higher quality textures too. 60fps has also been confirmed in a pre-release press statement.

It’s a shame that the build of the game demonstrated throughout 2013 won’t, it seems, be coming to light. Namco Bandai’s misleading promotion of the console versions has been deplorable, but at least they’ve taken the minimal steps to avoid further false advertising on the Steam page. An E3 trailer featuring some of the older graphical details is still up on the store page.

With or without fancier lighting, Dark Souls 2 is an outstanding game (yes, I’ve been playing a 360 version … I’m sorry, PC brethren.) Those craving even higher fidelity in the PC version may have to wait for the modding community to work some additional magic, as Peter “Durante” Thoman did with DSFix and the bare-bones port of Dark Souls.

Dark Souls 2 will be released for PC on 25 April. It hopefully won’t be too long after that before the first ridiculous/amazing 4k resolution downsampled images appear.

Update: The PC graphics options have been revealed.


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  • Tim McDonald


    Well, we can but hope the screenshot removal is for another reason, or that it won’t be too hard to hack that stuff back in. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be marvellous and the PC version will be the best, but it’s still disappointing 🙁

    • Peter Parrish

      Yeah, there are some areas that will look (even more) fantastic on PC. It’s just a bit of a bummer that, for example, the hallway approach to Mirror/Looking Glass Knight (the dude in a lot of the promo stuff with the mirror shield) doesn’t look quite as great as it has done in the past.

      It’s annoying because the game is so damn good anyway that (publisher ineptitude/deception aside) it doesn’t matter a huge amount. But because I’ve seen some of the better looking promotional stuff I’ve been primed for something sliiiightly better (visually) than is actually there. 1080p/60fps will keep me happy though I’m sure.

  • Manas

    I don’t think the removal of those screenshots means anything, because like you said they also added more trailers on the page that show those graphics from earlier builds. The removed screenshots actually had lower resolution than the ones that are still there, that’s probably why they were removed. That being said, I’m sceptical about the PC version anyway, after seeing how they handled the PC release of Dark Souls 1.

    • Tim McDonald

      I hope you’re right. As others have mentioned, we can likely hack in graphical upgrades anyway (assuming that it’s as easy to mod as the first game was) so that’s not too much of an issue.

      I have no idea how well the PC version of this will turn out. I’m sorta hopeful that the PC delay is genuinely because they’re trying to make sure it’s flawless, but… well, even if the port’s as bad as the first one, I can’t imagine it’ll be more than 24 hours before user-made patches make it better than the console version could hope to be.

  • confusion

    Hoping you’re wrong, but knowing you’re probably right. I love FROM but their PC rep is nil so far, and bitter experience has taught never to trust a publisher.

  • David Reid

    Yeah Namco Bandai should really come out and explain WTF is going on with the PC version. They’ve said it’s the lead version yet if they’ve dumbed it down for consoles, I will completely lose my trust in them despite how good DS2 actually is.

  • LastAtlantean

    Oh dear, looks like the PC community is stuck with console level graphics…
    Oh wait, that’s right! We can fix that ourselves. Heh, go figure.

  • Rigora

    That is perfectly alright with me. I’m more interested in the game play, anyway.

  • Paul Younger

    It’s mighty weird how quiet they have been about the PC version. I have am really hoping the release won’t be let-down in the visuals department. A little worrying though.

  • Nahzuul

    Why can’t they just include options to turn down the eye candy for people who don’t have state-of-the-art systems?

    • Paul Younger

      That’s the question that all PC gamers wonder when a game has also come to console. It does piss me off that even in this day of so-called next-gen consoles PC gamers could still find a game crippled.

  • JoshTheSquid

    “However, today’s removal of all images relating to that build from the Steam page would appear to confirm that Dark Souls 2 on PC will have parity with the console releases.”

    I hope that I’m not the only one who thinks that this is a pretty big leap. While I do think that it’s odd to remove the screenshots, to then flat out say that this “confirms”, as quoted from the article, that the lighting engine will be removed from the PC version as well is a strange conclusion to make. You might even call it fear mongering, seeing as how a lot of people are already responding in a negative tone, even though nothing of what has happened confirms anything at all.

    • Peter Parrish

      I’d love the older lighting/graphics to still be in there, so I kind of hope you’re right. But it’s pretty damning that Namco are going out of their way to be as quiet as possible about the PC release and have removed the only screenshots relating to older builds of the game from the Steam page.

      I did say “would appear to” confirm, which I realise is hedging my bets in a pretty lame way – but since the only people who COULD confirm this won’t respond to simple press queries, it’s about the best I can do.

  • Anon

    The screenshots that were removed showed areas of the game that had been changed since the screenshots were taken. This article is sensationalist.

  • waltersphnesphne

    I’ll tell you what happened here. Money exchanged hands between From Software and the major console manufacturers, and suddenly those enhanced PC textures disappeared.

  • lazerbeak

    IMHO they wont repeat the same mistakes they made with Dark Souls 1, they would be a laughing stock, but don’t expect amazing graphics… but it will still be better than the console version.

  • Lewis White

    The old screenshots being removed from Steam could suggest many things but this article is just fearful speculation. If you look on Steam today you’ll see 7 remaining screenshots, all of which (according to another article in brief contact with someone inside ‘From’), are definitely PC build images.
    I would have thought to avoid further controversy over the games graphics, the old images were removed and only the pc build screenshots and CG trailers remain. There is also the original ‘Go Beyond Death’ trailer still on steam, and looking at the stunning graphics in the video it would indicate that the pc version should at the least be on par visually, otherwise why remove the old screens with the awesome graphics and not the old trailer with the awesome graphics?

    There are also 2 blank video tabs for Dark Souls 2 on Steam, which moving into April could suggest they will be filled with some PC gameplay? After all we were told to expect more news in April..

  • JoshTheSquid


    Peter Parrish, I hope you feel like an idiot for writing this article.

    • Paul Younger

      Errr! Why should he feel like an idiot? Read the bloody article date. It was before details emerged and builds were sent out to press. See the follow-up articles on this. It’s been well covered here.


      Please read the damn articles properly before calling people idiots. It’s really rude. IncGamers takes great care in providing proper articles that are well researched.

      Perhaps if you followed the site content more often you would have spotted the updates. *sigh*

      • Peter Parrish

        That’s an excellent article by Durante, which you’ll find also collaborates my news piece.

        “While it is not quite the (almost generational) leap which was initially shown in previews, Dark Souls 2 on PC is a better experience and a more beautiful game than even a fully modded Dark Souls 1.”

        The removed Steam screenshots depicted that “almost generational” leap (look around for how the corridor to Mirror/Looking Glass Knight looked in pre-release stuff.) I’m delighted that the port is great this time around, but everything I wrote up there turned out to be accurate.

        The higher quality textures/60fps/decent resolution stuff was already confirmed and mentioned by me in the piece. What was in doubt was the graphical quality shown in early preview builds and in (subsequently removed) screenshots.

        Funnily enough, Namco is still using those old screenshots in the press packs that accompany the PC review code.

        Anyhow, the good news is that, yes, it IS a great port – even without the graphical fidelity shown in earlier builds, it holds up very nicely.