Dark Souls 2 PC release date still in doubt

Dark Souls 2 shields - 03
The PC release date is out there … somewhere.

The release of Dark Souls 2 is only a month or so away, if, that is, you’re a console owner. That PC release date remains elusive and neither From Software nor Namco Bandai seem prepared to set a day in stone. Frankly, it’s a bit worrying.

Producer Takeshi Miyazoe hasn’t exactly alleviated those concerns in comments to Digital Spy. According to Miyazoe, “We’re still working on [the PC version] at this point. I’m not going to say months. I hope it’s weeks.”

That doesn’t fill me with confidence that the PC version will be showing up in March with the others.

On a slightly brighter note, the delay may at least be due to From Software putting more effort into Dark Souls 2 for PC.

“We did realize the PC fan base and the PC audience really have high expectations for what a PC game should be. So for Dark Souls 2, we’ll do our best to try and fulfill the basics of what the game should have,” Miyazoe says.

Resolution options above 1280×720 confirmed … maybe.

Whenever the game is released, it’ll be sporting a “T for Teen” rating in the US. But here’s why I’m not too worried about that particular aspect.

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