A new patch for Dark Souls 3 has been released today, updating the game to version 1.10. Among other things, this patch ‘fixes’ the ability to buff certain weapons you weren’t supposed to be able to (via ‘tumblebuffing’), and display glitches related to the spell system (‘dartcasting’).

Tumblebuffing involved making use of an animation queue glitch to, basically, perform a roll, do your sorcery buff, but also switch weapons to a (usually) non-buffable one at the same time. It was apparently handy for speed runners. I’m less sure what ‘dartcasting’ really is, but this patch means it probably won’t work any more.

Here are the patch notes. If you missed the Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC trailer earlier, that can be seen over here. It’s pretty heavy on the spoilers though.

  • Fixed issue where a player could invade another player during a boss battle.
  • Fixed issue where an enchantment could be applied to weapons which normally could not be enchanted.
  • Fixed issue where, when items are used while casting magic, display glitches could occasionally occur.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to cancel immediately into a second magic spell after casting the first one.
  • Fixed issue where the first part of a skill action could be skipped.
  • Fixed issue where a single item could be used indefinitely.
Peter Parrish

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