Dark Souls 3 will be getting an update to Regulation version 1.09 tomorrow (1 July), making a few balance changes to weapons. The Dark Sword will be getting “reduced weapon efficiency” (not before time, honestly, it was a bit good) and Anri’s Straight Sword will no longer scale as well after 1.09.

Several weapons (Wolnir’s Holy Sword, Morne’s Great Hammer, Lothric’s Holy Sword) are receiving Faith scaling. Elsewhere, the Hornet Ring looks like its being toned down (“adjusted efficiency”) and Scholar’s Candlestick is in for “reduced sorcery-strengthening properties”, which may upset a few people who build around that.

Here’s the full list of changes, expect them in Dark Souls 3 at some point during 1 July. According to the post on the Steam hub, this won’t involve the game going down for any maintenance.

Regulation 1.09

  • All Dagger weapons: increased critical attack power.
  • Dark Sword: reduced weapon efficiency.
  • Anri’s Straight Sword: reduced scaling effects.
  • Wolnir’s Holy Sword: added faith scaling and adjusted weapon efficiency accordingly.
  • Crescent Moon Sword: added intelligence scaling and adjusted weapon efficiency accordingly.
  • Morne’s Great Hammer: added faith scaling and adjusted weapon efficiency accordingly.
  • Lothric’s Holy Sword: added faith scaling and adjusted weapon efficiency accordingly.
  • Yorshka’s Spear: increased FP damage effects.
  • Scholar’s Candlestick: reduced sorcery-strengthening properties
  • Demon’s Fist: reduced weight.
  • Greatsword of Judgement: increased attack power.
  • Heysel’s Pick: increased intelligence scaling.
  • All shield-piercing weapons: added shield-piercing properties to regular attacks.
  • All Skills that enchant a weapon with special properties: extended length of effect.
  • Obscuring Ring: increased distance at which ring takes effect.
  • Hornet Ring: adjusted efficiency.
  • Black Serpent: adjusted tracking.
  • Lightning Stake: now requires 1 attunement slot.
  • Magic Barrier/Great Magic Barrier: extended length of effect.
  • Divine Pillars of Light: increased attack power.
  • White Dragon Breath: reduced stamina consumption.
  • All Bug Pellet items: extended length of effect.
  • Addressed other game balance issues and fixed other flaws.

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