Dark Souls 3 Servers Back Online

Dark Souls 3 servers are back online after about seven months

Praise the servers!

The online servers for Dark Souls 3 are finally back after a nearly seven-month absence. This was announced earlier today via the official Dark Souls Twitter account, which thanked fans for their patience. Dark Souls 3 players will now finally be able to access the game’s online features, including PvP and messages. However, the other Dark Souls games have not had their servers restored just yet.

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Dark Souls players have been without online features since February. FromSoftware was forced to shut them down after a nasty security vulnerability was found. This issue allowed hackers to install malware and take control of other players’ PCs. Obviously, this was a huge problem, so it made sense for FromSoftware to take drastic action. But it was still a shame to be without these features for so long. Additionally, we weren’t sure when to expect the return of these servers, but an update in July gave us a hint that it would be soon.


The Kingdom of Lothric is back online

It’s been a long wait, but it’s good that Dark Souls 3‘s online servers are finally back. At the moment, eyes are still on Elden Ring, but hardcore Dark Souls 3 players can finally head back to the game whenever. And players who never played Dark Souls 3 and wanted to wait for the true, full experience can finally head in and enjoy the game. The online modes in the Souls games are arguably the most important aspect of them, so now’s the perfect time to jump in.

When it comes to the other Dark Souls games, we have no idea when to expect these servers to come back online. FromSoftware is usually pretty quiet about this sort of thing until it has an official announcement. But since Dark Souls 3‘s problems seem sorted out now, the other games should soon be fixed too. For now, we’ll have to keep a look out for any announcements in the future.

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