Dark Souls servers bonfire

The Dark Souls franchise remains one of the most popular and influential series to have come out within the 2010s. This does not mean that developer From Software designed these games perfectly, however. In fact, recent news surfaced regarding a serious security vulnerability in Dark Souls III that allows hackers to install malware and take control of players’ PCs. According to a VGC report, similar security issues exist in the first two Dark Souls games. A community member even suggested these issues could crop up in the upcoming Elden Ring as well. This news led to Bandai Namco and From Software shutting down the servers for all the Dark Souls games for PC. And now, they’ve announced that the servers will only go back up after the release of Elden Ring.

Bandai Namco and From Software relayed this update on the official Dark Souls Twitter account. The statement reassured players that both companies know about the Dark Souls games’ security issues and thanked players for informing them about these problems. It went on to state that not only are both companies working to resolve these vulnerabilities, but they also aim to ensure that Elden Ring will have a rock-solid infrastructure at launch.


Fixing games takes time

According to both companies, “the time required to set up proper testing environments” necessitates the continued shutdown of the Dark Souls games’ servers until after Elden Ring’s launch. Although they did not specifically say when the servers will come back online, they noted that an announcement will come as soon as they decide on a schedule.

While several players may understandably feel bummed that the Dark Souls servers will remain offline for an unknown amount of time, they will undoubtedly see this solution as potentially beneficial in the long run. Hopefully, Elden Ring will not suffer from these same issues. The last thing a new FromSoftware game needs is being disconnected to multiplayer servers. We have to know what walls are and are not illusory.

Dark Souls servers Elden Ring

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