David Jaffe likes Medal of Honor

Writing on his personal blog, renowned game designer/director David Jaffe has spoken about how he feels EA’s Medal of Honor is “more immersive” than Modern Warfare 2.
“I think it’s clear MW2 has MOH beat to hell and back in production value and sheer ‘wow’ factor,” writes Jaffe, “but MOH almost feels like I’m on an adventure with these three other soldiers… kind of more like playing a war story where as most other FPS war games feel more like I’m living in a war simulation.”
However it’s not all happy days, as he goes on says that Medal of Honor is “crazy repetitive in its enemy scenario design” describing it as ” ‘advance, hunker down and shoot dudes popping out, rinse repeat”.
He does state that he is “digging” the multiplayer and that it currently has him “hooked”.
“Maybe it’s the quality of the matchmaking or just the fact that no one has played long enough to rank up to the point that they are fucking unstoppable monsters on the battlefield…” he writes.
Our own thoughts on Medal of Honor (released tomorrow, Oct. 15 in the UK) can be found here.

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