Dawn of War II Patch 1.32 Today

Relic has announced that another Dawn of War II patch is scheduled to launch today.The patch is smaller than the last one, which launched last week, but it shows that Relic is making good on its promise to shorten the time between patches.We’ve also heard that Patch 1.4 is in the works, with bug fixes, balancing, new maps, and new features promised.The fix list for today’s patch 1.3.2 follows.Adjusted the Orbital Bombardment ability to increase damage. Outer radius increased to 150 from 100.Fixed an issue in the campaign where one point was getting auto-allocated at level-up if the player resumed an old campaign.Made changes to the Mekboy mines. The mines now do drastically less damage and suppress infantry.Adjusted lighting on 6P Tiber Outpost.Fixed an issue where Guardian squads would switch to melee stance if upgraded with a Warlock, then with Battle Equipment.Regenerated AI tuning data.