Relic are starting to take details for an upcoming Dawn of War 3 beta; head over to the sign-up link if you’re a prospective player. The short survey asks a few questions about your strategy gaming habits, and takes the usual name and email details.

    They request “honest” answers, stating “We are looking for a range of ability and gaming experience levels for our beta test. Your answers here will not affect your chances of being selected.” So if you were planning to game the system by pretending to be the world’s greatest RTS and Warhammer 40K fan, that’s probably not necessary.

    Notably, the survey asks whether the person signing up has experience in both RTS and MOBA titles, confirming (as Relic themselves have already suggested) the latter genre’s influence on this third Dawn of War release.

    There’s no release date given for this beta, but Dawn of War 3 itself is expected this year.

    Peter Parrish

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