A new patch is out for Dawn of War 3 today, performing some post-Annihilation balance tweaks. There are some cost changes, along with quite a few alterations to various unit stats in all three factions.

    Listening Post costs are pushed up to 300 from 200, with Relic saying that the prior cost made early construction a bit too much of an obvious choice. They’re hoping the greater expense will make players choose their locations a bit more sparingly. There’s also a general pathing change for Skimmer units, which will now make “shorter reverse-pivot moves instead of curve turns over short distances”.

    Individual changes to Dawn of War 3 units are quite numerous, so have a look at the patch notes for the full ins and outs of those. Relic have provided a short summary of their reasoning behind each of the stat alterations too.

    Somewhat far down the notes, they acknowledge that certain Doctrines are much more dominant than others at the moment. The studio plans to address this with “slight nerfs, but mostly buffs”. Doctrine changes will occur over “several patch cycles,” but work on balancing them has begun.

    Peter Parrish

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