Dawn of War 3 patch coming Monday

This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

The first patch (well, sort of, it’s had a hotfix already) for Dawn of War 3 will be coming on Monday, according to a Steam post from Relic. This will be followed on Tuesday by some server tuning.

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Headlining the Monday patch will be the ability to Surrender in a multiplayer match. Comebacks are certainly possible in Dawn of War 3, but sometimes you know you’re in a hopeless situation and don’t need to sit out the next twenty minutes. Surrendering will give you “Skulls and experience as if you lost the match”. It’s not yet clear what will happening in 2v2 or 3v3 matches if just one of the team wants to Surrender.

The patch will also be looking at “some of” the bugs and issues reported by the community so far. A balance pass for multiplayer, meanwhile, is scheduled for next month. Relic’s post gives some idea of what will be looked at, including a boost for unloved Tactical Marines, a probable nerf (or counter options) for Zapnoggin’s teleport, and a look at whether escalation phases are working as intended.

As mentioned, servers will be getting some tweaks on Tuesday (9 May). Relic say they’ll “start to refine which servers specific regions connect to based on latency data from the first week of play”.

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