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Can’t just let any old person wander around your smashed up greenhouses.

The next DayZ update, version 0.37, will be released on the ‘Stable’ development branch through Steam during scheduled maintenance on 5 March. That’s according to the latest tumblr posting from Dean Hall about what the development team is working on.

A full changelog for 0.37 will be coming when that update is actually released. In the mean time, there’s word that “most of the team has been focusing on key bugs” this week.

Development has started on an in-game cooking system, so you can expect to see that in a future update. There’s said to be a “wider push” in March to focus on survival aspects of DayZ, so cooking fits in with this. If you’ve managed to construct a fire or get a stove working, certain items can be heated up. Overcooking is possible, and things will also cool off over time.

As well as that stuff, Hall says the animation team has been looking at double-handed melee animations. “We have added gestures for two handed tree, evades and other missing animations. Our next goal is to polish those and finalize them all.”

Some internal network testing is ongoing, which should eventually help people suffering from desync issues.

Finally, a roadmap for what the DayZ chaps have planned for the rest of 2014 is on the way “very soon.”

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