‘Security’ may not be the first word that springs to mind when considering DayZ; especially if you’re somebody who’s been robbed by the roadside by chortling men in ski masks. But the latest Bohemia Interactive ‘status update‘ for the game is all about tackling security vulnerabilities.

According to the post, the DayZ programming and production teams will be spending much of the first quarter of 2015 looking to close down exploits and security holes. Here’s what’s planned in the next couple of months:

  • Deployment of a new form of BattlEye
    • This has been delayed to allow testing/regression around any potential bugs and/or compatibility issues so as not to cause any major issues to those participating in Early Access
  • Server side sanity checks and protection against certain currently exploited methods
  • Closer work with Valve and the VAC team
    • This will initially be seen by allowing players to report in-game suspected cheaters and will expand from there to a program that best fits DayZ and how it operates
    • Expanded vigilance in reporting all known tools and methods currently used to access the DayZ process for less than honorable methods.

The status update post concludes by saying that “new infected AI, implementation of the central economy [and] diseases” should also be implemented throughout Q1 2015. This may be the first time in history anybody has looked forward to a disease.

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