Fatal Falls 6

Dead Cells is back with more biomes and a new boss in the Fatal Falls DLC. There are some brand new things to keep in mind, so feel free to consult this Fatal Falls DLC tips guide to get a head start on what’s in store for your future runs.

It’s hammer time

The pathways in Fractured Shrines have pressure switches on them. If you step on a pressure switch, a hammer will hit you square in the face. As such, make sure that you don’t step on these unless you’re doing so to jump out of the way and hit an enemy in the face instead. There’s nothing beneath the floating pathways, so you’ll take a large amount of damage if you do fall.

Keep an eye out for the cultist robes

In order to even get into the second biome, Undying Shores, you’ll need to either find the cultist robes blueprint or locate the headless cultist corpse that you can possess. If you find the latter, you’ll hop onto the body and can go straight into the next biome. If not, you’ll have to go through the Clock Tower and spend a single cell to unlock the blueprint. Then you’ll need to change into the outfit and set off for the Undying Shores entrance in a separate run. Good luck.

Fight the big guy

There’s a huge enemy waiting in Fractured Shrines. He guards a big door and you can often find a couple of these guys. Once you kill him, you can then go inside the vault he’s protecting and find a bunch of riches. You’ll likely come across a summonable sword item that lets you, uh, summon a sword for 30 seconds. It flies around and attacks your enemies. It also talks.

Fatal Falls 5

Kill the summoners ASAP

The summoners only have one normal attack that’s easy enough to dodge. But they can call for help. It’s one thing to fight a summoner and another to fight a summoner while an enemy with a bow can shoot off half of your life in one go. Kill the big guys as quickly as you can.

The Scarecrow is one tough SOB

The biggest challenge presented in Dead Cells‘ Fatal Falls DLC is undoubtedly the Scarecrow himself. The Scarecrow slashes at you, sure, which you’ll dodge like you dodge everything else, but he’s got two other big moves up his sleeve. First of all, he jumps into the air while in the middle of the boss arena and throws his weapons at you. You’re gonna wanna dodge those. But they boomerang back to him. Meaning you’ll need to dodge them twice.

He also likes create mushrooms on the ground. If you hit these, they’ll explode in a second, so move. If you don’t hit them, he’ll knock them towards you, at which point, they’ll explode. He’s a fairly tough boss that hits fast and hard, plus you really do need to keep an eye on the mushrooms. With a bit of practice, though, he’ll go down like all the rest.

Fatal Falls 7

That’s all for my tips for Dead Cells‘ Fatal Falls DLC. These are great biomes that’ll do very nicely to spice up a run.

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