Dead Cells: How to access the Return to Castlevania DLC

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Dead Cells’ new Return to Castlevania DLC is a loving fusion of new and old: new biomes, enemies, weapons, and bosses, presented through the lens of Castlevania, arguably a direct ancestor of Dead Cells itself. If you’ve picked up Dead CellsReturn to Castlevania DLC, but aren’t sure how to access it, read on for our detailed guide on doing so.

Opening the way for Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC

Thankfully, accessing the DLC is fairly painless, unlike the challenging new areas it contains. Simply start a new run, and explore the Prisoners’ Quarters biome. If you have the DLC installed, a swarm of bats should completely obscure the screen as you enter, letting you know that you can go on to access it.

Dead Cells How To Access The Return To Castlevania Dlc Bat Swarm

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From here, simply play as normal, being sure to check out every side path in the area. You should eventually come to a stairwell leading down. Follow it, and you’ll meet Castlevania icon Richter, perhaps best known for battling Dracula in the opening of Symphony of the Night.

Chat to him with the RB button, and he’ll start you off on your DLC quest, telling you to enter the castle via the entrance just past him. Continue down the stairs, and you’ll find the entrance to the Return to Castlevania DLC’s first biome, the Castle’s Outskirts.


Screenshot by PC Invasion

After meeting Shanoa, protagonist of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, in the biome transition area, you can make your way through the first few sections of the DLC. The Castle’s Outskirts will lead directly into Dracula’s Castle, which will then lead into the Defiled Necropolis. After this, you’ll return to a standard run, with the latter half of the DLC only accessible on a separate run, once certain conditions are met.

Now that you know how to access Dead CellsReturn to Castlevania DLC, you can get your foot in the (castle) door, and start enjoying the new weapons and challenges it has to offer.

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