Dead Island 2 release date gets pulled back a week, because it’s finally done now

Dead Island 2 Final Release Date

Dead Island 2 is infamous for never quite holding to a release date. After numerous delays, it’s hard to expect news of a new release date to be a positive one. However, it looks like Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are breaking that trend. Dead Island 2 has actually had its release moved up by a week this time.

As announced earlier today on its official Twitter account, Dead Island 2 has gone gold. This means that core development is officially finished. As such, Dead Island 2‘s release date has been moved from April 28 to April 21. It’s odd to see games have their release dates pushed up these days. And the fact that it’s happened to Dead Island 2 of all games is brilliantly ironic.

No more delays for Dead Island 2

The fact that Dead Island 2 is coming to players sooner is positive news for everyone involved. There were some concerns for the game when it was pushed back from its February 3 release date. But now we can (hopefully) confidently wait until it comes out on April 21. This is especially true for longtime Dead Island fans. And the sequel looks to be changing up a lot from its predecessor.

A few weeks back, Dead Island 2‘s creative director, James Worrall, and lead narrative designer, Ayesha Khan, briefly described what awaits players. They didn’t go into too much detail, but did talk about the Los Angeles setting and the new character progression system. Beyond that, it seems that everything that made the first Dead Island stand out is in its sequel. There are plenty of zombies to deal with, a colorful world to explore, and a handful of wacky characters to play as.

Get ready to mark your calendars one last time for Dead Island 2‘s actual release date. There isn’t much chance that it’ll shift again. But knowing the luck of Dead Island 2 and its track record with this sort of thing, you can never be sure. This time around it does seem a bit more solid, though.

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