There’s now a straightforward way to find out whether Doublebear’s turn-based zombie survival and party management RPG Dead State is “your thing” or not, in the form of a newly released demo. You can find it on Steam through this link (just look for the “download demo” button, and away you go.)

The demo spans one in-game week, which is the same length of time it was possible to play in one of the earlier Early Access builds of the game. It gives you a pretty substantial chunk of the title to play around with (potentially up to 10 hours,) including 18 different locations and a possible 15 characters to recruit. Any saved games in the demo version can also carry over to the full game.

In addition to the demo release, the main Dead State build has been patched and updated today. You can read the changelog here, or look at the list of alterations and fixes below.


  • Added loading screen images and tips.
  • Added Nothing Gold trait to allies unable to have a mood higher than Content.
  • Added current in-game date, day number, and time to the Job Board.
  • Added current in-game date to the Shelter overview screen.
  • Added game day number on the Daily Results Screen.
  • Added low morale warning dialogue.
  • Adjusted dog attacks to cover diagonal spaces as well.
  • Adjusted combat balance on some weapons.
  • Tweaked some dialogue content.
  • Adjusted triggering times for some dialogues.
  • Changed item description text on several items for clarity.
  • Improved job board ally list tooltips for certain task types.
  • Fixed issue causing the car trunk to be accessible from horses.
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain ally traits from creating additional daily items.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the “Hacker” achievement from unlocking.
  • Fixed issues with the To-Do list not correctly clearing completed location-related items.
  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected morale losses if allies were killed during certain plot events.
  • Fixed issue with allies re-appearing after death in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain morale and mood changing events from firing.

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