Deathloop How To Kill Egor Lost In Transmission Field Nullifier

Egor is the founder of AEON and, yes, before you ask, he’s an insufferable prick. He challenges you, mano a mano, to a nighttime duel in The Complex. It’s a good time to take him out since you can also receive one of the best Slab powers in the game. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you defeat Egor in The Complex as part of the “Lost in Transmission” quest.

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Deathloop AEON Visionary boss guide – How to kill Egor in The Complex (Lost in Transmission quest)

Select The Complex when it’s already evening in Deathloop so you can fight Egor. You’ll spawn further away from his location and you have to go through a bunker. There are only a handful of soldiers here, so don’t worry about them.

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Instead, what you need to worry about are the laser mine traps and turrets. There are several that are blocking the path.

Oh, and if you somehow get spotted by guards or trip the alarms, Egor will know where you are. He’ll keep goading you until you face him.

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Eventually, you’ll reach a wide-open area known as Array Y (which also happens to be the initial area where you arrive if it’s daytime in The Complex). Your goal here is to check the small buildings and search for clues.

Some of these documents, such as the one inside a small building called Serling Labs, will tell you that Egor is researching a strange frequency in this region.

Igor will then appear… and disappear. That’s because he’s using the Aether ability. It makes him invisible for a few seconds, but you can see a fading glimmer from time to time. Blast him when you can to make quick work of him.

Deathloop How To Kill Egor Lost In Transmission Field Nullifier 1

Rewards for killing Egor in Deathloop

  • Aether Slab – This lets you become invisible for a few seconds/until your energy runs out. It’s one of the most useful abilities in Deathloop since it helps with stealthy exploration.
  • Rapier (epic bolt-action rifle) – Has an enhanced zoom effect.

Deathloop How To Kill Egor Lost In Transmission Field Nullifier 2

With Egor defeated (for now), take a look at the Field Nullifiers that are scattered about. You can plop them down near the antennas (they’ll block you from using your Slab powers if you’re within the force field).

Sadly, it looks like we’re too late. Egor has completed his experiment. Our task, therefore, is to visit The Complex earlier so we can sabotage what he’s working on. This will leave him with no choice but to attend Aleksis’ party.

Deathloop How To Kill Egor Lost In Transmission Field Nullifier 3

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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