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Aleksis is a rather eccentric individual. I’m sure all of us love to attend parties. But, this guy prefers to organize celebrations where everyone’s wearing a wolf mask. Worse, he likes chocolate-flavored beer! Anyway, here’s our Deathloop guide to help you defeat Aleksis in Updaam as part of the “Devouring of the Lambs” quest.

Note: For more information, check out our Deathloop guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.


Deathloop AEON Visionary boss guide – How to kill Aleksis in Updaam (Devouring of the Lambs quest)

Aleksis only shows up in Updaam during the evening. You’ll “find” him in Dorsey Manor at the eastern edge of the zone. Oh, and to be clear, I use the term “find” loosely. That’s because, once you get here, you’ll realize that everyone is wearing a wolf mask.

If you check the “Devouring of the Lambs” quest/Visionary leads panel, you’ll see that our goal is to look for Aleksis among the throng of partygoers. We’ve got a couple of choices here.

Dthlp Alks Kl Devl Gd 1

Chocolate beer

If you check the cellar, you’ll overhear two guards talking about how Aleksis loves chocolate-flavored beer. Pass through the laser mines (if you have the Aether slab) and disarm the mines on the ground. Then, look at the barrel with a bluish symbol. Turn the valve to stop the flow of chocolate beer.

Dthlp Alks Kl Devl Gd 2a

According to the tooltip, this should make Aleksis cause a scene. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen this happen.

It might be due to scripting or other issues. But, perhaps you can get it to work.

Dthlp Alks Kl Devl Gd 2b

Mr. DJ

Alternatively, you can go to the third floor of the manor to find Aleksis’ room. It’s in an area that’s closer to the main entrance. I can’t really add further descriptions since the game’s map doesn’t highlight where you are currently (you just see a map as is).

There should be a smaller room to the left of the terminal (seen in the image below). You should find a DJ mixer with the sequence set to 4-2-3-4 (it might be different depending on the player). This is Aleksis’ so-called famous beat.

Deathloop How To Kill Aleksis Devouring Of The Lambs Wolf Mask Updaam Dorsey Manor 1a

Next, go to the second floor and look for an area that’s below Aleksis’ room. There’s another DJ mixing contraption here. Input the same 4-2-3-4 sequence as before.

This will cause Aleksis to join the other people who are dancing. Colt will also spot him and he’ll be marked on your screen. Go ahead and kill him whenever you feel like it. Just beware of 50 or so guards who will rush your position once Aleksis goes down.

Deathloop How To Kill Aleksis Devouring Of The Lambs Wolf Mask Updaam Dorsey Manor 1b

Rewards for killing Aleksis in Deathloop

  • Karnesis Slab – Allows you to push and slam enemies with telekinesis.
  • LIMP-10 (epic SMG) – Leech life from enemies that you hit (intrinsic perk).

Deathloop How To Kill Aleksis Devouring Of The Lambs Wolf Mask Updaam Dorsey Manor 2a

Additional tidbits

  • There’s a way for you to lure other Visionaries so that they also arrive at Aleksis’ party. You can follow tasks to lure Egor and lure Wenjie.
  • I mentioned this in our Deathloop technical review, but there’s a chance that you’ll encounter crashes during this mission. One notorious crash occurs when you attempt to snipe the wolf-masked guard seen in the image below. I believe this is Aleksis already, and trying to kill him immediately will break the script.

Deathloop How To Kill Aleksis Devouring Of The Lambs Wolf Mask Updaam Dorsey Manor 2b

  • In one of the rooms, you’ll find a note saying that Julianna is delivering a package for Alexis in the Updaam Library at noon. You’ll receive the code that will open the safe. Inside is an Alexis Pup statue that you can bring to 2B in Charlie’s Condition Detachment arena. It’s used to distract Wenjie with a forged invitation.
  • There’s a meat grinder in the grand ballroom. My guess is that this can be used to perform a unique assassination on Aleksis. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten it to work yet.
  • Although it might be very early in your Deathloop campaign now, Aleksis’ party, since it takes place in the evening, is the penultimate mission. Assuming you’ve done everything that’s possible to ensure that all Visionaries are dead within a single day, you’ll eventually reach the game’s finale.

Deathloop How To Kill Aleksis Devouring Of The Lambs Wolf Mask Updaam Dorsey Manor 2c

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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