September 5th, 2017

Defense Grid 2 dated for September, has new screens

Defense Grid 2 - 03

Defense Grid 2 has been given a release date for Really Quite Soon, and there are some new Gamescom screenshots to celebrate.

23 September is the date to watch out for. Defense Grid 2 is the sequel to the exquisite Defense Grid: The Awakening, one of the better tower defence games ever released. It has you and a slightly nutty AI attempting to fend off an onslaught of aliens bent on stealing your power cores, which – naturally – you do by building towers, carving their route through the landscape.

Defense Grid 2 mixes things up by adding terrain that adjusts throughout the level, giving you more space and longer – or shorter – routes to defend, co-op multiplayer, a level editor, new towers, new… well, lots of new stuff. It looks pretty amazing, and if you fancy pre-ordering (not something we’d normally recommend) you can do so to get immediate access to the beta.

New screens below. Defense Grid 2 is due out on 23 September.

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