The Syfy channel’s TV series Defiance has been cancelled after three seasons.

The Defiance TV show and the shooter MMO from TRION was a trans-media project where the TV show and game would work together to create a rich world and storyline. It was an ambitious idea but the TV show was at best average. So what now for the game?

It was obvious that at some point one or the other would be shuttered and fortunately TRION had the foresight to set both the TV show and game in different locations so if one or the other ceased to exist the story could continue.

Now that SyFy has finally pulled the show, TRION issued a statement to the community stating that the game will continue.

We’ve had a great time working closely with the team of stellar writers, designers, producers, and actors on the Defiance TV show. Like many of you, we’ve all enjoyed the stories they told week in and week out. Let’s treat this as a fond farewell, in celebration of a successful three year run of a show that broke a lot of new ground and brought an incredible quality experience to its viewers.

As for the game and its future, Defiance is Trion’s IP and the game will continue exactly as before. The show has always been a fantastic and interesting partner, but the two were always meant to be able to stand on their own, which is why the show was primarily set in St. Louis and the game in the SF Bay Area.

In fact, we’re happy to announce that we’re looking forward to the upcoming public testing of the Aquarium at Monterey, the next big instance coming to Defiance. There we’ll flesh out the Shrill storyline and put the Dark Matter in a whole new light.

There are plenty of stories that need to be told in this world, and the team’s extremely excited to continue telling them.

This is great news for gamers that have been playing the game for the past couple of years and it’s also good news for TV viewers. The TV show turned out to be quite poor after a promising start. How long the game will continue for remains to be seen so enjoy it while you can.



Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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