Brigmore Witches

Yesterday at QuakeCon Arkane showed off just over a half hour of the final Dishonored DLC, the Brigmore Witches. This last outing will conclude the story of Daud and finds him continuing his search for the enigmatic Delilah. He suspects she’s hanging out in a creepy old mansion, but needs a ship to smuggle him there.

The solution? Bust a notorious smuggler named Lizzy Stride out of prison.

The footage concentrates on this opening mission, which takes place in Coldridge Prison. Things have changed somewhat since Corvo broke out though. There are more guards, and Overseer ‘music’ plays around the outside, stifling magic powers.

Speaking of Overseers, it’s possible for Daud to pull a favour and enter this level disguised as one. And speaking of pulling, that’s a new power Daud has at his disposal (as demonstrated on Corvo during the intro to the main game.)

Beyond that we’re getting into spoiler territory, so watch the stream at your own risk. You can find it archived on, here.

Brigmore Witches will be released on 13 August, costing $10.00 USD/£8.00 GBP.

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